Media Rewired is a media summit envisioned by students in the Medill Undergraduate Student Advisory Council to address the latest technology trends in both journalism and integrated marketing communications.

The two-day event will feature workshops and keynote lectures by Medill students, faculty and industry professionals.

Brian Stelter, New York Times media reporter, will kick off the event by discussing the current state of journalism.

Dan Fletcher (BSJ ’09), managing editor of Facebook, will give a keynote speech on the new technology trends in the industry.

Adobe evangelists will then lead the second day with deep dives into their newest software.

The Medill Undergraduate Student Advisory Council (MUSAC)

The Medill Undergraduate Student Advisory Council is a selection of freshmen, sophomore, junior and senior Medill students that represents the undergraduate community to members of the school’s administration. MUSAC also proactively collaborates with the administration, other student groups and organizations to strengthen the Medill community through new initiatives.

Kimberly Lee<br><strong><em>Executive Co-Chair</strong></em>
Fabiano Leal<br><strong><em>Executive Co-Chair</strong></em>
Clarke Humphrey<br><strong><em>Executive Co-Chair</strong></em>
Baindu Kallon<br><em>Workshops Chair</em>
Amanda Gilbert<br><em>Keynote Chair</em>
Amy Li<br><em>Partnerships Chair</em>
Nina Muñoz<br><em>Logistics & Finance Chair</em>
Vesko Cholakov<br><em>Productions Chair</em>
Lauren Hutton-Work<br><em>Outreach Co-Chair</em>
Taylor Shaw<br><em>Outreach Co-Chair</em>
Priya Krishnakumar<br><em>Graphic Designer</em>
Jessica Gaddis<br><strong><em>NABJ Northwestern<br>President</em></strong>
Stephanie Kim<br><strong><em>F&F Marketing<br>Co-President</strong></em>
Tyler Fisher<br><em><strong>ONA Northwestern<br>Liaison</strong></em>

Faculty & Staff Advisors

Charles Whitaker
Susan Mango Curtis
Dorina Rasmussen